Yelp 5 Star Review

Noelani P.

This review is for the design to installation process...our beautiful master closet just got installed yesterday. I have been extremely unhappy with our closet spaces and as much as I wanted to make as much function with the space that we had, I could not bear to see lost potential and non functioning space anymore. Closets By Design was not my first choice. I had already collected some ideas before meeting with phenomenal designer Shane. The designer who came prior to Shane from the West coast based competitor had ten years of experience yet designed a space that reinforced what I did NOT like about our current closet. Shane was the third designer i worked with (i had a good experience with a second designer but the company would not come out to confirm measurements until I committed). Shane not only actually listened and paid attention to our needs but was very frank about what she felt was not the best use of space. I did not realize that CBD designs DURING the consultation. Shane designed right before my eyes, by hand and was SO thorough and she made sure I understood what dimensions CBD uses as standards and what dimensions we wanted. I was not prepared to receive a priced to sell quote, and based on my research I knew before committing that CBD was definitely competitively priced..especially considering that they provide only floor mounted closet systems. The installation was a breeze with such polite and hardworking installers (Lennie and David). They went ahead and used knobs that I purchased separately and the work was well done. They cleaned up through my afterwards and made sure I did a walk through before they left. If you are looking for wall mounted system CBD does not offer that. They also do not have as many finish options as other Austin based competitors. If you do not like MDF for whatever reason then you have to go to builders who install with solid wood. If you want a priced to sell quote for floor mounted closet systems, a designer who actually listens to you, a design made during the consultation, and a smooth installation process, go to Closets By Design (ask FOR Shane!).